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Vocalist & Songwriter // UK


CARLIE’s pop-focused melodies continue to capture the imagination of a whole music scene. Influenced by the likes of Lorde, Lana Del Rey and K. Flay - her innate talent for memorable and relatable songwriting has seen her earn high-profile support in the form of Triple J, BBC, Spotify Spotify Editorials: Creamy, Ultra Gaming, Chillege Basse and Noize.

Tetra Tara website.gif



Software engineer, songwriter, singer and producer.  She can do it all.  Tetra Tara’s sound can switch from fun-loving and cute pop sensibilities but at the flick of a switch her ability to create dark tension and atmosphere is soon apparent.  She has already caught the attention of Bitbird, FUXWITHIT, Electric Hawk and Ultra Worldwide.

Vocalist & Songwriter // USA

Colson XL.jpg
Colson Xl.gif

Producer Duo // USA


US based duo, COLSON XL showcase a future sound that navigates the line between the underground and mainstream. Huge distorted melodies and high-energy drops are the order of the day when these two are around.  Supported by the likes of: Sable Valley, Kitsune Musique, Mr Suicide Sheep and Trap City. They have also  taken their live show to support the likes of Illenium, DJ Snake,Above & Beyond, Mr. Carmack

Lobii Sticky Love.gif



A defier of convention, New Orleans based producer, Lobii creates chaotic, glitchy and emotionally-charged electronic music. His latest single ‘Sticky Love’ gained critical acclaim, reaching over 300,000 streams across platforms and huge support directly from Spotify.

Producer // USA


Producer // Netherlands


inspired by the likes of Lapalux and SOPHIE, Alkyn defines his style as ‘bold and lively, as if it’s breathing. The Dutch Wunderkind producer has been supported by the likes of Bitbird, with listeners immediately gravitating towards his ability both technically and creatively.

Broken Kid Club.gif



BROKEN KID CLUB is an enigmatic production project originating in Mexico.  High Fidelity soundscapes and crisp, cutting edge sound design are the hallmarks of the anonymous producer’s sound.  Despite never revealing their true identity, BROKEN KID CLUB has garnered a passionate and dedicated fanbase who are always left wondering what to expect next.

Producer // Mexico

Sockittome 2.gif

Vocalist & Producer // UK


This is a wonderfully talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer embarking on a  new sound that combines his influences in indie rock, electronica and pop music.  Previous projects have seen him earn placements on the Official Pro Evolution Soundtrack, BBC’s World Cup Coverage and Made in Chelsea.

Cxstle Cvstle.gif

Cxstle Cvstle


Based in El Paso, TX, Rogelio Gutierrez, better known as Cxstle Cvstle is known for his unique and groundbreaking future trap and bass music. With influences such as Petit Biscuit, Manilla Killa and Flume, Cxstle Cvstle has joined the growing scene of young, prodigious production talent whilst taking his live show to support EDM titans Louis The Child and What So Not.

Producer // USA


Producer // Chile


Bryans Heredia also known as Neef is a 20-year-old producer born in the north of Chile. His music tries to dissolve and reinvent the fine line that separates music from complex sound manipulation. Neef is also a self taught visual artist and creates stunning and vibrant renders to accompany his rich sound.




Taspii is a 24 year old, self-taught producer & visual artist from Orange County, California, whose music weaves together dark and colorful sounds in a unique way with each release, paired with striking visual art.

Producer // USA

add pattern.png
add pattern.gif

Producer // Germany

add pattern

Add pattern is a producer from Augsborg, Germany, who specializes in pop-focussed IDM, Vaportwitch, future bass and trap.  His hard hitting drums, use of analogue synthesizers and glistening sound design have seen him compared to the likes of Machinedrum, Flume, QUIET BISON and Mura Masa.

Off Chance - Sqwd.gif


Sqwd Press Shot.png

Founded in 2016, having honed his craft through a real DIY attitude, Sqwd has already become a cult figure within the growing vaportwitch scene. His prolific output and mindbending sound design makes Sqwd standout from the rest in the world of electronic music having been supported by the likes of EARMILK and the BBC.

Producer // USA

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